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Unique Black Magick Ritual customized for your specific unique need, that I don't have a spell listed for!

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If you are tired of wasting your money on spells that are less than effective, it is time to try something different!

I was gifted with the ability to sense, see and manipulate energy. I can reach within a certain object or person and touch and move energy about. When this is combined with a specific intent spell cast, the results are nothing short of miraculous! I have been perfecting this skill for most of my life. The demand for my spells is great and I only offer a few at a time as they are very physically draining for me. You will not see endless offerings of my spells, so I urge you to purchase quickly and reserve your place.

It is my promise to stay in touch with you throughout the spell cast process so you are not left wondering what is going on.

There is no need for negative feedback. You can always discuss any issues you have with me prior to leaving this type of feedback. I am extremely fair and I hope you will be also.

Please do not email me every few days to ask me how your spell is doing or when it will manifest. Once your work is done, the time frame for results varies and depends on many factors. One of the most important is your ability to allow it to work naturally and without constantly monitoring it or attempting to rush it.

Unique Black Magick Ritual customized for your specific unique need, that I don't have a spell listed for!

Life is complicated and sometimes you need a very special spell for a situation.

For almost every situation or need we will be able to work with you based on your request to create and cast the most effective spell to obtain your desires for your unique needs!!

Buy this spell now and know that your choice will bring you the outcome you yearn for.

Instructions: For each spell that you purchase, please send your details in the format below. Pics may be helpful but are not mandatory. Please send your details in questionnaire format for each and every spell you purchase.

A. Please indicate the title of spell you purchased:

B. The names and birth dates (if known) of those involved:

C. Any brief details of the situation you would like to make known:

D. You may list up to ten customized points of special focus regarding your desired results of this magick:

You will receive an email update soon after it is cast.